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President’s Page

Anything BUT your typical car company

CLEAN: Michigan Green Cars, LLC is the area’s premier and original hybrid transportation provider. Our partial zero emission fleet reduce greenhouse gasses by over 70% as compared to conventional vehicles and at the same time save 67% of the fuel consumed by typical vehicles.

SAFE: Michigan Green Cars, LLC retains only the very best and safest of professional drivers, in uniform, backed up by 24/7 constant global positioning and fleet tracking. We use only the latest mobile electronic dispatch and security systems available to the industry.

LICENSED and INSURED: Michigan Green Cars, LLC is fully licensed with The State of Michigan, “Department of Transportation” as a Licensed Limousine Company, and duly authorized to provide transportation services statewide and as such we are required to carry a minimum $1,000,000.00 coverage on all vehicles as well as meet all SAFETY inspection requirements and vehicle maintenance. Many of the “online newcomers” to the industry do none of the above and this is a VERY REAL danger and concern.

BOOKING: Michigan Green Cars, LLC offer’s 24/7 staffed dispatch at our toll free 877-476-8294 number as well as online and we are very proud to offer our NEW Mobile App available free at Google Play and the Apple App Store.

PRIMARY SERVICE AREAS: Michigan Green Cars covers TWO primary markets, The South East fleet covers All AREA AIRPORTS, Oakland County, Western Macomb, and surrounding communities, Southfield, Birmingham, Troy and Royal Oaks as well as all landmark Downtown Detroit locations and events. The Michigan Green Cars ANN ARBOR location services all of Washtenaw, Livingston and surrounding communities, AIRPORT Services to all major locations as well as services to all landmark Downtown Detroit locations and events.
CORPORATE PARTNERS: Michigan Green Cars, LLC is proud to have maintained and added Corporate Partnerships for several years with many outstanding organizations. Including “The Townsend Hotel” Birmingham, “The Eagle Crest” Ypsilanti, The University of Michigan, Beaumont Hospital System just to name a few.

CONCLUSION: Michigan Green Cars has grown since its inception in 2008 from TWO vehicles to THIRTY FIVE and growing. We have logged over TWELVE MILLION MILES in that time and become THE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY YOU CAN COUNT ON for CLEAN, SAFE, RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE transportation services.

Jonathan E. Tobias, Founder, President
Michigan Green Cars, LLC